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How To Get 100,000+ TWITTER Followers In 6 Months


Depending on the exchange rate, that is approximately £68

In August 2014 I started retraining in the art of "Digital Skills", at the time I had been working in Computer Software Design for 31 years and I wanted to bring my ageing skills into the Digital Age.  I searched the internet for a course and eventually found the Digital Experts Academy.

I retrained with the Digital Experts Academy and since March 2015 I have been running my own business reselling the courses I re-trained with and creating courses of my own.

I set myself a challenge to test out my new Digital Skills and dared myself to gain 100,000+ followers on Twitter in 6 months....

I managed to do that on my personal account @KPHumphreyme.

I am offering the course TODAY for $97 ( discounted for the first batch of members from $297). It holds all the knowledge I gained, distilled into a step-by-step process that can be repeated.

Grab yourself a bargain and years of experience today for only $97


Depending on the exchange rate, that is approximately £68

The Course contains 15 lessons

  • Lesson 1

    How To Create a Twitter Account 

  • Lesson 2

    How To Complete Your Twitter Account Setup  

  • Lesson 3

    The Twitter Options Explained 

  • Lesson 4

    How To Use Twitter For The First Time 

  • Lesson 5

    How To Use Twitter Search 

  • Lesson 6

    How To Use Keyboard Short Cuts

  • Lesson 7

    How To Send A Tweet, Retract, Pin & Like

  • Lesson 8

    How To Edit Your Profile And Make A Great First Impression

  • Lesson 9

    How To See Who Is Interacting With Your Twitter Account

  • Lesson 10

    How To Grow Your Twitter Following

  • Lesson 11

    How To Use Software To Grow Your Following More Efficiently

  • Lesson 12

    How To Use Software To Schedule Your Tweets

  • Lesson 13

    How To See A Map OF Your Twitter Followers

  • Lesson 14

    How to send your Tweets to the whole Social Media world with one Tweet

  • Lesson 15

    Twitter adverts, cards and Paid Advertising

And 4 Bonus sections...

  • Bonus 1

    A Twitter Glossary of terms to get you up to speed with Twitter

  • Bonus 2

    A Twitter Dictionary to help you with Twitter

  • Bonus 3

    A list of numerous Twitter tools that will assist you with your Twitter Account

  • Bonus 4

    A list of hashtags and Twitter accounts for you to review and follow


Depending on the exchange rate, that is approximately £68

The Course also covers the following tools use....

The course covers how to use these tools and where to get your own copy, the majority are FREE.

Learn How To Use Canva to create amazing images so that your Twitter account draws people in to investigate and therefore helps grow your following FAST...


Learn How To Use Crowdfireapp to grow your Twitter following, and tips on how best to make use of the tool, so that the following grows efficiently, ethically and FAST...


Learn How To Use Tweetlead to capture client email address on Twitter, no need to have anyone go from Twitter to your website, no need for a website landing / sales page, do it all on Twitter with one click.


Learn How To Use Tweetmaps to identify where your Twitter audience is and how that information can be used to increase your Twitter following and engagement.

Learn How To Use IFTTT to make your posting to Twitter very efficient by reposting the Tweet to numerous other Social Media sites, this increasing the exposure to your Twitter account and your business ...


Depending on the exchange rate, that is approximately £68